Audit & Assurance

Offer credibility, comfort and confidence to your shareholders and stakeholders.

An audit provides independent assurance that a “true and fair” view of your company’s financial performance and position has been presented in all financial statements; it underpins the trust and obligation of stewardship between those who manage your company and those who own it or have a need for a clear and objective view.

A rigorous audit process can also assist in identifying areas where management may improve their controls or processes.

Our  professionals can help you in meeting these challenges and providing the needed transparency to users of your financial reports by offering the following services:

  • Evaluation of internal controls
  • Cash flow forecasts and projections
  • Profit planning and budgeting
  • Public company reporting (SEC)
  • Special purpose reporting
  • Employee benefit plan audits
  • IFRS requirements

Waterview Capital’s approach to auditing your financial statements begins with obtaining a thorough understanding of your business and industry, including your internal controls, and ends with the expression of an opinion as to whether the financial statements are presented fairly in all material respects. As a part of this process, we identify and assess the risks, which may cause your financial statements to be materially misstated and develop our audit strategy in response to those risks.

Prior to, and during the audit, our experts work closely with our clients to develop a service plan and calendar, which includes Engagement Planning meetings and frequent client communications intended to produce an efficient and cost-effective audit while minimizing disruption of your daily routine. As our planning progresses, we will provide lists of information to be supplied by you and a timetable for delivery of that information. Whenever possible, we will request that information and schedules be provided in electronic formats to permit us to use technology, including data extraction software, for greater ease of process. Our experience has shown that the use of electronic tools has greatly enhanced our ability to complete services efficiently and effectively, while providing useful information to our clients.

Where an audit may not be necessary, Waterview Captial can assist you by performing a review of your financial statements and providing a limited form of assurance as to whether any material modifications should be made to those financial statements for them to be presented in accordance with Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (G.A.A.P.) or another comprehensive basis of accounting. Based on our knowledge and understanding of your business and industry, we perform inquiry and analytical procedures to obtain a reasonable basis to express such limited assurance.

A review differs significantly from an audit, in which the auditor provides reasonable assurance that the financial statements, taken as a whole, are free of material misstatement. A review does not contemplate obtaining an understanding of the entity’s internal control, assessing fraud risk, tests of accounting records, and other procedures ordinarily performed in an audit.

Where audit or review services may not be needed, our team can assist you by compiling your information in the form of financial statements. We then prepare financial statements without undertaking to offer any assurance on them. In addition, we are also available to assist you in the preparation of management-only financial statements designed exclusively for internal use.

Where a client and/or a specified third party require financial information or an assertion of management to be independently verified, we can assist with the performance of an agreed-upon procedures engagement. In such an engagement, a report of findings is issued based upon the results of performing specific procedures, as agreed by the client and other specified users related to the subject matter.