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Bonds & Commodities

Our expert consultants know the intricacies of bonds and commodities. Bonds and Commodities allow your company to have a stable financial base so you can take more lucrative risks. At Waterview Captial, we help businesses like yours invest in structurally sound bonds and non-volatile commodities from a range of industries.

Why Commodity Trading?

Unlike stocks and bonds, commodities are real assets that exhibit inherent intrinsic value based on their commercial or industrial application. The price movement is directly connected with the policies & economy of the country.

Hedging tool in inflation

Commodity prices are connected with the inflation percentage of the country. Prices generally go up when inflation increases. Commodity investments therefore can be used as a hedging tool in inflation.


Investors can use commodity futures to speculate on the short-term movement of the market.


Commodity derivatives attract lower margins as compared to equity derivatives. This makes the return on investments more.

Regulated Market

Commodity futures trading takes place in a fully regulated and transparent market. The presence of Exchanges also makes it more regulated.

Why Invest in Bonds?
Predictable returns

There are always conditions in which we need security and predictability. It’s not unusual for stocks to lose 10% or more in a year, so when bonds make up a portion of your portfolio, they can help smooth out the bumps when a recession hits; bonds typically offer a better return without posing too much risk.