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Risk Management

Understanding every aspect of a risk is critical to being able to minimize its impact and achieve the maximum benefits of an investment; our risk-management consultants help guard you against unwanted risks while simultaneously targeting value-added capital appreciation.

Currency management Services

  • Foreign exchange trading - Inattention to FX transactions can be costly, ranging over 20 basis points. Our trading service can reduce those costs, sometimes by more than 75%.
  • Currency overlay - Let us design a currency risk management program to minimize uncompensated risk resulting from international investments.
  • Transaction cost analysis - Managing your FX program means measuring the cost of your transactions. We will analyze your FX trades and propose a streamlined, straightforward solution.

Tail-risk hedging

Timing of hedging decisions matters, but what you buy and how you structure your hedges is equally important. At Waterview Capital nothing means more to us than achieving maximum protection for your portfolio; that’s why we employ a combination of explicit hedging techniques through the use of options that reduce possible declines by constraining possible gains.

Inflation protection

The potential for higher inflation underscores the need to safeguard your portfolio. Even moderately rising prices can erode the purchasing power of savings that you have carefully built. Regardless of economic or market conditions, it makes sense to hold some inflation protection within your portfolio. We utilize balanced-risk commodities, enhanced commodities and TIPS to deliver real return solutions.

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