Turnaround Consulting

We are dedicated to providing strategic solutions and planning to companies experiencing financial difficulty or inadequate profitability. Our experienced business advisors offer hands-on management and the ability to network and find effective problem resolutions.

Waterview Capital aims to develop lasting partnerships and trusting relationships with sponsor and management teams by applying proven methodologies and toolkits, as well as our vast industry expertise, to assess a situation and develop an effective and executable plan to put you back on solid ground.

When it comes to a turnaround situation, liquidity provides opportunity and is generally our first priority. Our professionals implement advanced tools, techniques and models to extend company liquidity runway and to facilitate rapid improvements to a company’s financial health.

  • Short-term cash management and monitoring
  • Cash flow forecasting
  • Liquidity enhancement initiatives
  • Working capital management
  • Vendor management

Enterprises that are stressed and distressed often face underlying strategic challenges, as well as cost or process issues causing deterioration to the business. These can arise internally and/or externally and are not usually readily apparent. Our team is experienced at identifying the root causes of an enterprise’s deterioration and developing and implementing solutions to address them, improving the short and long-term prospects of the business.

  • Strategic assessment
  • Business plan analysis and development
  • Asset redeployment
  • Cost realignment
  • Business process enhancement
  • Performance improvement initiatives
  • Metrics, measurement and accountability
  • Benchmarking

Turnarounds are highly complex processes and occasionally chaotic, often involving a multitude of parties, analysis and planning. They require high degrees of coordination among numerous work streams. This can be difficult for some client management teams to navigate, let our experienced experts support and guide your teams through it. Enable your team to continue to easily manage the day-to-day operations of the business towards the successful revitalization of the company.

  • Turnaround strategy development and execution
  • Financial modeling
  • Negotiations with interested parties
  • Contingency planning
  • Bankruptcy related services

In addition to operational improvements, effective turnarounds often require changes to the balance sheet. Companies also generally need incremental capital to provide the liquidity runway critical to the implementation of its restructuring plans. Take advantage of Waterview Capital’s extensive relationships with lenders and other investors and knowledge of working through difficult negotiations related to balance sheet restructurings and in the challenging process of raising incremental capital for companies in the midst of a restructuring.

  • Incremental capital raises
  • Balance sheet de-leveraging
  • Lender negotiations
  • Collateral assessment
  • Capital structure optimization
  • Debt restructuring